PROGRAM/DEPARTMENT: Nutritional and Food Services
REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director
HOURS: Full-Time
LOCATION: South Los Angeles
DEADLINE: Until position is filled
SALARY: $17.00—21.00 (hourly rate)


The job is responsible for clients' and employees' nutritional needs and care activities. The person must be able to function independently with limited supervision and provide customer services, understand the nutritional needs of young children and adults, appropriate communication, and follow-up. This person must be able to operate the computer system and other equipment as assigned. To clean, sanitize and maintain a perpetual inventory of food and supplies, participate in the department performance improvement activities, team and department meetings, and attend required mandatory in-service training. Comply with the Girls Club of Los Angeles policies and procedures, including all health and food safety regulatory standards, and perform other duties as assigned. Our team is energetic and enthusiastic about our service.

This person should have refined problem-solving skills to work with teams, teaching staff, and consultants; additionally, is self-aware of their emotions and those of others and can relieve stress, communicate effectively, manage challenges, and empathize with those around them.

Primary Directs menus productions, food preparation, and maintains high standards that support the effective delivery of quality food services and an orderly and sanitary kitchen in collaboration with the Front office and teaching staff. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma and post-secondary food service training or work experience. Completing a GCLA-approved sanitation/food safety course (ServSafe Certification).
  • Meets all mandated health screening requirements (e.g., negative tuberculosis test). A record free of criminal violations that would prohibit employment.
  • Embodies high ethical standards and integrity. Accepts responsibility for decisions and conduct. Complies with drug-free workplace rules, board policies, and administrative guidelines/procedures.
  • Ability to establish working relationships with co-workers and function as part of a cohesive team. Commitment to keeping current with workplace innovations that enhance personal productivity. Food production skills and preparing standardized recipes using commercial kitchen equipment. Maintains food production records and the ability to compute and record mathematical data accurately.
  • Ability to monitor and manage compliance with nutrition, health, and safety laws/regulations. Ability to interact comfortably and confidently with the public.
  • Class C Driver’s license
  • CPR/First Aid Valid Card

Essential Functions:

  • Provides staff leadership and professionalism and food preparation activities. Takes the initiative to perform routine responsibilities independently. Cleans/sanitizes work surfaces, equipment, staging area, tables, kitchen floors, etc.
  • Accounts for breakfast, lunches, and snacks. Responsible for ordering/purchasing food, produce, and kitchen supplies as needed.  May purchase food items if necessary.  Prepares and follows published menus. Ensures breakfast, lunch, and snacks meet USDA child nutrition guidelines. Uses standardized recipes to maintain quality control. Monitors production sheets/work progress
  • Supervises volunteers/interns assigned to Food Services and assumes responsibility for the results of duties delegated to volunteers.
  • Maintain break room equipment clean (such as microwave, tables, etc.,).
  • Advances the GCLA’s professional image. Maintains open/effective communications. Uses problem-solving techniques to address and resolve questions/concerns tactfully.
  • Maintains accurate inventory records. Monitors the use of products and supplies to control costs and reduce waste. Advises the front office and Chief Operating Officer about the need for additional supplies. Assists with the receipt of deliveries. Verifies quantities. Keep going food inventories of reports shortages and spoiled products. Organizes, stores, dates, and rotates stock as directed. Directs family-style serving set-up activities and the attractive presentation of food. Plans for substitute menu items when demand exceeds supply. Oversees the storage/disposal of leftover food. Identifies emerging issues and maintenance needs and notifies the front office, Chief Operating Officer, or Executive Director. Reports discipline problems, vandalism, equipment malfunctions, and other concerns. Helps ensure that the kitchen and storage areas are secured at the end of the workday.
  • Participates in food service staff selection and orientation processes. Cross-trains with other staff as directed. Assists with unexpected/urgent situations as needed.  Arranges for substitutes during staff absences as needed. Participate in food service training and procedures to effectively accomplish assigned duties.
  • Shares knowledge about new laws and advances in operational procedures/equipment technology. Ensures compliance with GCLA specifications and mandated regulations (e.g., hazard analysis of critical control points, portion size, sanitation procedures, etc.). Monitors temperature controls.
  • Addresses the needs of students with health conditions that necessitate dietary modifications. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information. Reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect to civil authorities as required by law.
  • Helps with GCLA events as needed (e.g., cultural events, Food Share, etc.)
  • Monitors safety concerns. Works with staff to manage or eliminate risk factors. Anticipates and prepares for fire, health, and safety inspections. Teaches staff how to operate fire/safety equipment. Documents and reports all injuries that require treatment.
  • Pursues growth opportunities that enhance professional performance and advance GCLA goals. Strives to develop rapport and serve as a positive role model for others. Maintains a professional appearance. Wears work attire appropriate for the position.
  • Maintain and help with laundry of various items and sanitize children’s toys through the dishwasher.
  • Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.
  • Consults with leadership on issues pertaining to the Food Program before discussing with external parties.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., )
  • Ability to use virtual platforms (Zoom, Google Teams, etc.,)
  • Ability to operate a laptop or other electronic devices (i.e., tablets/iPads)
  • Ability to operate Microsoft Outlook to review and respond to emails

Abilities Required: The following personal characteristics and skills are important for successfully performing assigned duties.

  • Anticipates time constraints. Manages tasks efficiently to meet deadlines.
  • Averts problem situations and intervenes to resolve conflicts.
  • Differentiates subtle variances in aroma, color, taste, and texture.
  • Effectively uses active listening, observation, reading, verbal, nonverbal, and writing skills.
  • Interprets information accurately and initiates effective responses.
  • Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual.
  • Values diversity, integrity, trust, adaptability, accountability, learning and development, and compassion. 

Working Conditions: Safety is essential to job performance. Employees must exercise caution and comply with standard safety regulations and district procedures when involved in the following situations:

  • Balancing, bending, crouching, kneeling, reaching, and standing.
  • Exposure to adverse weather conditions and temperature extremes.
  • Exposure to air-borne particulates, chemical irritants, combustible materials, electrical hazards, equipment vibrations, noises, and odors. Exposure to wet and/or slippery surfaces.
  • Exposure to blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases.
  • Lifting, carrying, and moving work-related supplies/equipment.
  • Performing tasks that require strenuous physical exertion.
  • Performing repetitive tasks for prolonged periods.



Generous paid PTO, plus nine paid holidays.  GCLA is closed between Christmas and New Year's and non-exempt employees can opt to use vacation time to receive pay.  75% of HMO Medical is employer-covered while Dental, and Vision are offered at no cost.  Eligible employees can receive up to 3% of their retirement contribution. Eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Life and AD&D Insurance. Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Opportunity for growth & advancement. Professional development & continued training. Team building & bonding through company sponsored events & activities.



The successful candidate will focus on achieving excellence of service and performance in five core principles: GCLA’s Culture of Learning


1) Accountability & Adaptability  

2) Integrity & Trust

3) Learning and Development, and

4) Justice & Compassion


The candidate is expected to excel in the five Programs Competencies: 1) leadership, 2) work quality, 3) managing, motivating others & communication, 4) managing systems, and 5) innovation.  The candidate will embrace GCLA’s culture of learning, strive to constantly improve upon systems and services for our employees and constituents, be demonstrably committed to their own ongoing personal and professional development. Our culture encourages open dialogue while respecting diversity of thought and contributing to constructive feedback and suggestion. Together, we can continue to take GCLA to higher levels of excellence and service to the community.

Girls Club of Los Angeles
Attn: Velvet Morris As an equal opportunity employer, Girls Club of Los Angeles (GCLA) is committed to recruitment, retaining and promoting employees who are reflective of the State's diversity.

Please send a resume, a detailed one-page cover letter (including introduction, skills/qualifications, and your intent for applying and two writing samples highlighting your case management experience with clients. The writing sample can be 2 to 6 pages. In addition, candidates may be asked to demonstrate Microsoft Suite proficiency. All documents must be submitted together to be considered.
Girls Club of Los Angeles
Attn: Velvet Morris
2057 W. Century Blvd.; Los Angeles, CA 90047