GCLA is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our community through our holistic programming. Our work remains responsive to the challenges our families face by delivering a variety of opportunities and support. These include reaching all ages from toddlers to grandparents, raising graduation rates, preventing crime, improving job preparation & college readiness, and decreasing teen pregnancy.

Programs are designed to set young people on a path to becoming successful adults, by promoting:

  1. Ongoing relationships with caring adults
  2. Safe places with structured activities
  3. Access to services that promote physical well-being and positive mental health
  4. Opportunities to build skills and competencies
  5. Opportunities to learn about and explore their relationship with the community

√ Establish a fun, welcoming, safe place with structured activities.

√ Engage in ongoing relationships with leaders, role models - agents of change, and caring adults that take action in the community.

√ Exposure to social, cultural, and academic opportunities, expanding into lifelong learners and productive individuals.

Since 1972, GCLA has helped over 100,000 girls, boys and families!

Serving the Communities in South Los Angeles

 49 Years Operating


GCLA Staff Members

Gloria Davis:
Executive Director
Josefina Alejandre:
Fiscal Officer
Byron Johns:
Project Director
Donna Tizenor:
Program Director
Project LEAYD
Mercedes Carreto:
Project Manager,
Local Council Support Team,
Best Start West Athens
Michael Davis:
Project Manager
Project LEAYD/Administration
Leticia Juarez:
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Vasquez:
Administrative Assistant
Christopher Thomas:
Administrative Assistant
Diocelina Herrera:
Administrative Assistant
Velvet Morris:
Administrative Assistant
Abigail Jackson:
Kidada Palmer:
Alma Ramales:
Angelica Vargas:
Estell Perkins:
Maria Castellanos: