BIRTHING JUSTICE is a feature length documentary discussing the issues fueling the maternal health crisis within the African American community and advocating for best practices to enhance birthing equity for all women, especially Black women. To learn more, go to

Birthing Justice screening and panel discussion was hosted on Friday January 27, 2023 by Women in the Room Productions, Girls Club of Los Angeles, Childrens Institute Inc., Black Women for Wellness, African American Infant/Maternal Mortality (AAIMM), Southern Christian Leadership-Southern California, Black Maternal Health Center of Excellence

Girls Club of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization who has been serving the community of South Los Angeles since 1972. Celebrating its 50-year anniversary, Girls Club of Los Angeles is proud to provide programming to enrich the lives of underserved, at-promise children, youth, and families through early education, youth development, and community outreach. Girls Club of Los Angeles looks forward in continuing to uplift and empower residents for many more years to come! To learn more, go to


-LaTanya Hines, MD, OB/GYN, Association of Black Women’s Physicians (ABWP)

-Leigh Purry, MBA, Psy.M, Senior Manager of Community Health, Blue Shield of California’s Health Transformation Lab

-Kimberly Durdin, Licensed Midwife, IBCLC, Childbirth Educator and Doula Trainer, Co-Founder of Kindred Space Los Angeles Birthing Center

-Khefri Riley, CLEC, CPYT, HCHD, Co-Founder/Co-Director Frontline Doulas, CEO of Urban Goddess Lifestyle & Los Angeles Birth Partners Pastor Thembekila Smart, Executive Director Women of SCLC Southern California chapter, Pastor of Christ Liberation Ministries, Social Justice Activist, Organizer, Community Voice Video and Photography Credit: @photohami Venue: The Miracle Theater (Inglewood)